Wenzhou Taishan Lock Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


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        Custmer Service Hotline00-86-0577-88135805

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        Our advantage
        The benchmarking and pilot of Door locks


        About Us

        Wenzhou Taishan Lock Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

        Established in 1984, Wenzhou Taishan Lock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of door locks and related stylish accessories, which are ISO9001 certified.

        Having focused on mold design and machinery making, with advanced production facility and rich experience of hardware manufacture, we have developed 'Taishan' and 'Chaotai Haonai' series products, which are selling well in the Middle East, European, the American, African and Southeast Asian markets.

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        Add:No.582,16th Road,Binhaiyuan District,Wenzhou,Zhejiang

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